Why Koilakh Plunges Into The Darkness ?

Koilakh like other villages gets substantial grants for developmental activities.But these  funds have been  squandered by those who are supposed to manage the village affairs.This has been going for a decade yet no one from the government  bothered to stop the open loot and book the culprit.Since these fellows escape unpunished they consider themselves above the law.The situation is appalling and the corruption need to be curbed at the grass root level itself.
The most popular method employed by the village mukiya has been to spend the money for procuring solar lights because these are billed four times of their original costs.Yet the equipment installed is of such pathetic quality that they stop functioning merely after a few months of their installations.
So if the koilakh plunges into the darkness after the sun set then it is Panchayat Officials to blame.If those Solar lights had been properly functioning then the situation would have been entirely different.One only hopes that some mechanism are put in place in order to curb these kind of open loot.Hopefully Nitish Kumar government will crack the whip .


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